Appearances and Advertisements

Appearing in your openings, launches and commercials to give the prime moment. BAD has manufactured artists who are icons in the dancing world and an inspiration to many who seek to work hard and excel in their lives. You can be the one to invite them for special appearances to add the magic moment in your openings, launches and events. We provide our artists for advertisements and commercials. The energetic and jaw dropping moves and skills can be a part of your company’s commercials which have won so many hearts. We train the initiators to be a pro and the pros to be the master. Be the smart one to pick the best dance company before any else! 


– Best Performances in Advertisements. 

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BAD is a premier dance company renowned for turning out the highest quality in dance choreography. BAD does customized dance choreography to various dance styles for group events, performances, competitions, films, award shows and in many several sectors. We hold up to our motives and disciplines in order to compose a creative and unique choreography which will get stuck in the viewers mind for a long long time. We have trained professionals trained by Bivash Sir to choreograph your events, crews, television reality shows, award shows or any stage performance. If you become the one in the BAD family who can present ourselves in various shows and events, you will experience layers of positive life in an environment of responsibilities and happine
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BAD performs tailor-made creations that deliver in both national and international markets and serves sundry of clients. 

BAD has been awarded the best twice in a span of five years as the prime option for events and corporate events. We have been crowned for the BEST DANCE ACT at the Live Quotient’s Awards 2013-14 and second time for the year of 2015-16. Corporate events are an extremely foremost part of the event industry and BAD is the foremost choice of event industry. We perform in conferences, seminars, corporate trainings, exhibitions, sales and distributor’s meets; short and simple everything. We are all about passion, at the core of DNA lies creativity that enables Read More


Dance workshops we provide will make you Restless, Inquisitive and Intrepid.

 BAD provides a very comprehensive curriculum with more specialized techniques and advanced dance form in every aspect. We put forward the best in us at our workshops so that you can get the enough of us. Our dance workshops are an opportunity to explore choreography in a short intensive class rather than a full course. We challenge expectation, going against the grain to create dance pieces that are beguiling and enthralling. We help you to gain your confidence, build your individuality as well as a team spirit, and be disciplined as these all would help you to bring your inner skills to explore a new horizon to grow p
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