Dance workshops we provide will make you Restless, Inquisitive and Intrepid.

 BAD provides a very comprehensive curriculum with more specialized techniques and advanced dance form in every aspect. We put forward the best in us at our workshops so that you can get the enough of us. Our dance workshops are an opportunity to explore choreography in a short intensive class rather than a full course. We challenge expectation, going against the grain to create dance pieces that are beguiling and enthralling. We help you to gain your confidence, build your individuality as well as a team spirit, and be disciplined as these all would help you to bring your inner skills to explore a new horizon to grow professionally in this pursuit. We work hard in dance workshops for making dance resonate in every household and the entire nation. We want dance to be relevant, accessible, radical, thought provoking, inspiring and entertaining. In our dance workshops we focus on minimal facets to maximal regarding our dance styles and you will feel yourself buoyant in the whole dance workshop you'll be engaged in. We develop your performing art skills through a wide range of disciplines. With us you will discover that dance is a passion and love for music and your body is an instrument to express it. Our motto is to channelize the real life experience to the students and the same would be organized based in the form of custom made performances. Join us as we bring the art of dance to your neighborhood. Contact BAD to schedule your workshop today! 


 – Understanding the Fundamentals and Basics.

 – Learn a Variety of Systematic Warm Up. 

– Learn Challenging and Innovative Choreography. 

– Build Strength and Stamina. 

 – Learn How to Inject Personality and Attitude Into Your Performance. 

– Improve Musicality, Styling and Rhythm.

 – Build Confidence and Learn Dynamics of Performance.

– Watch a Live Performance by our Artists.