BAD is a premier dance company renowned for turning out the highest quality in dance choreography. BAD does customized dance choreography to various dance styles for group events, performances, competitions, films, award shows and in many several sectors. We hold up to our motives and disciplines in order to compose a creative and unique choreography which will get stuck in the viewers mind for a long long time. We have trained professionals trained by Bivash Sir to choreograph your events, crews, television reality shows, award shows or any stage performance. If you become the one in the BAD family who can present ourselves in various shows and events, you will experience layers of positive life in an environment of responsibilities and happiness. We have proved ourselves in reality shows through Bivash Sir’s ultimate dance choreography. We have battled it out in award shows an in television reality shows and set benchmark there too. Bivash Sir is now heading towards the film realm with a vision of positivity and success. Our dance choreography is always a bit unique in taste as we edify body movement, postures, stance and flexibility and with dance you will learn many life lessons that extend way beyond the studio classroom. We are there for you to choreograph your every need to perfection. Our passion towards dance and prolific choreographies are the best choice for you to pick and experience the prime in the business. We take risks, think big, explore the unfamiliar, avoid compromise and tell stories through dance that are enthralling and pertinent. We produces thoughtful, provocative and ambitious dance productions for the international stage. BAD, with its dance choreography service continually evolves to communicate ideas that are intelligent, courageous and unhackneyed.


– Customized Dance Choreography. 

– Multi Options for Dance Forms. 

– Weddings, Movies, Award Shows, Corporate Shows and many…

 – Training till we Feel the Perfection. 

– Economically With in one’s Means.

 – Prowess at its Excellence. 

– Workshops at any Corner of your Locus. 

– Interaction and Teachings Under a Blissful and Joyous Environment.