Appearing in your openings, launches and commercials to give the prime moment. BAD has manufactured artists who are icons in the dancing world and an inspiration to many who seek to work hard and excel in their lives. You can be the one to invite them for special appearances to add the magic moment in your openings, launches and events. We provide our artists for advertisements and commercials. The energetic and jaw dropping moves and skills can be a part of your company’s commercials which have won so many hearts. We train the initiators to be a pro and the pros to be the master. Be the smart one to pick the best dance company before any else! 


– Best Performances in Advertisements. 

– Affordable Dance Company. 

– Interaction of Audience with our Artists.

 – Madcap Moves and Tricks.

 – Professional Managing Team. 

– Famous Dance Company to present your Products. 

– Memorable Launch and Openings.