BAD performs tailor-made creations that deliver in both national and international markets and serves sundry of clients. 

BAD has been awarded the best twice in a span of five years as the prime option for events and corporate events. We have been crowned for the BEST DANCE ACT at the Live Quotient’s Awards 2013-14 and second time for the year of 2015-16. Corporate events are an extremely foremost part of the event industry and BAD is the foremost choice of event industry. We perform in conferences, seminars, corporate trainings, exhibitions, sales and distributor’s meets; short and simple everything. We are all about passion, at the core of DNA lies creativity that enables us to create one-off experience for our clients. We have done multitudinous performances throughout the world in gazillions of corporate events that include Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Surat, Kolkata, Chennai, Dubai, Madrid, Canada, USA, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, China and profuse. The hardcore culmination of lifts and ticks with our diverse skills and the ideologies of Bivash Sir really empowers and gives us the ability to stand out of the mob. Relationship is the key value in here and with this in mind our team focuses in constructing a ceaseless professional relationship with our clients. We listen and re-address the ever changing needs of our clients and work to fulfill them. Our team is picked exceptionally perceiving their obsession with the industry and dedication to their work. Having us on your tie-up day will only pump up your event in an unimaginably energetic environment. The only drawback if we are performing in an event is for the fellow performers you’ll be booking. In corporate events BAD has always been and will be forever the best fascination for best of you there. We choose immersion over interruption and engagement over distraction. 


– Best of the Best on Your Events.

 – Experience that has Met With Heights of Achievements. 

– Conferences, Seminars, Corporate Trainings, Exhibitions and the whole nine yards. 

– Professionally Trained Artist Performing for YOU.

 – Approachable Team at any Time of the Query.

 – Professionalism Praised by Many. 

– Interaction of Audience with our Artists.

 – Honored as The Best twice in the Span of 5 years.